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Traditional Korra by jasjuliet

It very beautiful. I love the concept The koi is very colorful and bright, and this whole picture is very inviting. But, this is the ha...


Name: Kai
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Height: 5' 5"
Weight:120 lbs

Personality: Kai is a hardworker who tends to put others before herself. Her family except for her, are all humble nonbenders. She knew she could earthbend at an early age, but her family couldn't afford to put her in Earthbending lessons. She worked hard to help with her younger siblings, putting her dreams on hold. As a present, her parents gathered up money and sent her to Republic City to experience life on her own and give her the opportunity to live her dreams. Kai, being stubborn gave the money back to her parents, earned her own travel money and makes a living with two jobs, just so she could live in a safer part of the city away from the gangs.

Physical Appearance: Kai has short, layered dark brown hair with bright green eyes and olive colored skin.

Clothing:She normally wears a collared, short sleeved green dress with leggings that go down to her knees with short leather boots.

Original Nation: United Republic of Nations
Current Residence:  Republic City

Occupation:  Waitress, Grocery store cashier
Vitality: Kai is still working on her endurance, earthbending is bitter work for her, but her goal is to master the discipline.

Speed: Kai has a hard time with body rhythm making it harder for her to react

Loud/High pitched noises: Anything that is like that will make Kai fall to her knees and her ears will bleed

Hand to hand combat: With patience and a lot of hard work, Kai is capable of anything.
Defense: Kai likes to listen to her surroundings, then wait for the right moment to attack, to make up for her speed.
Hearing: She has very sensitive ears, high pitched noises bother her, but she uses that to her advantage to make up for her lack of speed
Faction: N/A

Items: N/A

Reputation points: 0

Experience points: 0

Money: 0
--Bender Addition--

Element: Earth
Sub-Element: None yet
Rank: Beginner

Teacher: None yet
Students: N/A

Reflex: D
Strength: D
Defense: D
Speed: E
Element: D
Vitality: E
Hand to Hand: D


United States

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